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27 November 2012

Local photographer helps The Lizard RNLI lifeboat
prepare for rescues

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat station has received a new rescue manikin which will enable them to practice searching for people missing at sea.

Well known local photographer Geoff Squibb, has worked alongside The Lizard lifeboat crew for over 2 years while compiling a book about the rebuild of the lifeboat station in Kilcobben Cove, The Lizard and has now used some of the proceeds from the book to buy some essential rescue equipment.

Geoff had taken nearly 7000 photographs documenting every aspect of the rebuilding of the new lifeboat station and after gaining sponsorship from several of the firms involved in the build, went on to write a book ‘Kilcobben’s Rose’ about the project which Geoff launched in April this year . All 1000 copies sold out in less than six months.

Now Geoff has used some of the books proceeds to support the station. At a dinner at the Mullion Cove Hotel on Saturday night he presented Coxswain Andrew Putt and Mechanic Dan Atkinson with a rescue manikin. Geoff also presented each member of the crew with a new jacket which display’s the station name and logo.

The evening also saw Daphne Skinnard, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall and Deputy Editor of BBC Radio Cornwall present many members of The Lizard lifeboat crew with the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal. Several of the crew were eligible to receive the award as they have been serving on the lifeboat for over five years.

Coxswain Andrew Putt said ‘This has been a fantastic evening. All the crew feel really privileged that Geoff decided to put together a book about the rebuild. We have now benefitted twice, as we have an outstanding record for the future demonstrating what was involved in the rebuild and now Geoff has presented us with an important training resource which will benefit the station for many years to come.

For anyone wanting to support the lifeboat and get a chance to look around the new lifeboat station and meet the crew, The Lizard lifeboat station is holding a carolaire at the station in Kilcobben Cove, The Lizard on Friday 7 December at 7pm. The St Keverne Choir and Landewednack School choir will be performing. There will also be refreshments available. If you require any further information please contact the station on 01326 290451or The Lizard lifeboat fundraising committee secretary Pat Ashby on 01326 290760.


05 September 2012

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat prepares to officially open the stations new shop

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat station has after many years of planning had a new souvenir gift shop fitted into the new boathouse in Kilcobben Cove and on Saturday 13 October it will be officially opened.

The new lifeboat station was opened earlier this year after over two years of a major rebuild, but work has continued at the station to make it a 21st century facility that the public can visit and gain a fantastic insight of the charity’s work.

To help support the volunteer crews and raise essential funds to keep the lifeboat available to launch 24/7, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution has a retail section that sells gifts and souvenirs to the public through both an online facility and from shops and stalls located in stations that are large enough to house them.

The lifeboat station in Kilcobben Cove has been rebuilt and was made almost twice as big as the original station to house the much larger Tamar class all-weather lifeboat and has provided enough room to also enable a shop to be located at the entrance to the station.

David Gascoigne from Ruan Minor is a keen lifeboat supporter and has for many years sold lifeboat souvenirs and goods from a mobile stall he sets up regularly at Ruan Minor village hall at the Thursday market and at other outside events. David has recently joined the fund-raising team at The Lizard and has now taken on the role of shop co-ordinator.

David says ‘The shop is a fantastic asset for the station. It is located just inside the main door and is accessible to any visitor. It holds a good selection of gifts and toys. At present we are stocking up on Christmas cards as they are very popular with lifeboat supporters. This facility will definitely enhance any visitors experience when looking around the new station’.

On Saturday 13 October the shop will be officially opened and there will also be an opportunity for the public to take a look around the station and lifeboat and talk to members of the volunteer crew and fund-raising teams. There will also be entertainment from the Landewednack school choir with refreshments also available. The station will be open from 12pm to 4pm. There will be access for disabled visitors.

At present there is a very small team of people manning the shop but the station is always looking for volunteers. If you have a couple of hours free and would like to help support The Lizard lifeboat then please contact David Gascoigne on 01326 290536

For more information please contact the station Press Officer on 01326 290881

The photographs show The Lizard lifeboat station’s new shop facility which is located in the boathouse at Kilcobben Cove.
Credit Bernice Putt.

The annual Lizard Lifeboat Day was held on Sunday 19th August and this year visitors were welcomed back to Kilcobben Cove for the first time in nearly 10 years.

Having been held in recent years at Polpeor on The Lizard Point, organisers of the event were keen to show visitors their new purpose built lifeboat station which houses the all weather Tamar class lifeboat "Rose".

Situated in the top car parking area of the station were local art and craft stalls, raffles and displays which all proved to be popular.
Children's games and the bouncy castle also added to the fun. Coastguard's were on hand to talk to visitors and show them some of the equipment that might be used during a cliff rescue. There was a BBQ for those feeling a little peckish with tea and cakes being served by lifeboat fund raising committee members Gill Cuff, Nicky Jose and Rachel Tonkin.

Once having made their way down to the station itself lifeboat crew and shore crew members were on hand to show the many visitors around the immaculate looking "Rose" who was sitting perfectly in her new home.
The queue for a tour of "Rose" was very lengthy throughout the afternoon!

"Guess the weight of the pasty?" drew some attention inside the station, with the eventual winners being the McHugh family who were on holiday in the area. The delicious looking pasty had been kindly made and donated by Ann Muller from The Lizard Pasty Shop. Traditional lifeboat souvenirs were also available to purchase.

Though the main event of the day was to be the arrival of a Sea King Search and Rescue Helicopter from RNAS Culdrose who had come to show the huge on looking crowds an air sea rescue demonstration with RNLB "Rose". Coxswain Andrew Putt was accompanied by Second Mechanic Johnny Bray and crew members Nick Tattersall, Darren Thirlaway, Cat Lee Marr, Nick Hampshire and Robert Edgerley.

Huge thanks go to the 771 Naval Squadron from RNAS Culdrose, the team of volunteers who manned the BBQ, to everyone who donated cakes, raffle prizes and their time during the afternoon and to everyone who came and supported the event which has so far raised over £700 for The Lizard Lifeboat Station.

Please click on a photo to view larger image

Photographs: The Lifeboat and helicopter during their demonstration with crew member Nick Hampshire being lowered down onto the boat. "Rose" and her smaller Y boat.
David and Janet Gascoigne selling lifeboat souvenirs to Jenna. Gill, Nicky and Rachel selling refreshments.

Keith Johnson with his ceramic crafts. Gilly Johns and her art work. The BBQ team!. The Coastguard's and RNLI fund raisers

12 August 2012

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat will hold its first Lifeboat Day at its station in nearly 10 years

Over the past two years The Lizard lifeboat station has been through a rebuild and on Sunday 19 August members of the public will have the opportunity to visit the station and look around the lifeboat.

The station was demolished in May 2010 to make way for a much larger boathouse to house the bigger Tamar class all-weather lifeboat and next Sunday it will hold its first Lifeboat Day.



Visitors will have the opportunity to take a look around the boathouse and see for themselves the 21st century facilities, as well as go aboard the Tamar lifeboat Rose. Later in the afternoon, the lifeboat will launch down the slipway, to take part in a winching exercise with a Royal Navy helicopter from RNAS Culdrose.



There will be plenty of other things to see and do, with static displays from RNLI Lifeguards and HM Coastguard, games and competitions, food and drink and a bouncy castle.

The station will be open at 12pm, come along and meet the search and rescue crews and see for yourself the £10 million investment made by the RNLI.



At 3:30 the lifeboat will be joined off the station by a search and rescue helicopter from 771 Squadron, RNAS Culdrose and the teams will demonstrate the work they do, this is dependent on weather and operational commitments.


  • The attached photograph shows The Lizard lifeboat on exercise with a search and rescue helicopter last year. Credit Jack Lancaster.
  • Photo 2 shows the interior of The Lizard lifeboat at Kilcobben Cove. Credit Geoff Squibb
  • Photo 3 shows the lifeboat crew eye view from onboard The Lizard lifeboat of a winching exercise with a search and rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose. Credit Ned Nuzum.

8 May 2012

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat Rose to the occasion and The Duke of Cornwall came too.

Saturday 5 May saw The Lizard RNLI lifeboat station celebrate its official opening and dedication of Tamar class lifeboat Rose when over 500 invited guest packed into the new lifeboat station in Kilcobben Cove, The Lizard.

After months of planning, the crew, shore crew and station personnel welcomed their invited guests, all of which had in some way enabled the station to be rebuilt or had helped to provide the new lifeboat. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution has invested over £10 million in The Lizard and all the money has come from public donation, through very generous legacies, Trustee or individual donations or from fundraising activity.


One unusual visitor and a very special guest also added to the day, when a basking shark suddenly appeared off the lifeboat station and seemed to entertain the awaiting crowds before the start of the ceremony. During the service, the Barnett class lifeboat The Duke of Cornwall, which was on station at The Lizard from 1961 until 1984 made a very welcome return visit.

Then at 2pm, almost two years after the start of the rebuild project, the station was officially opened by the Chairman of the RNLI, Admiral the Lord Boyce, with Lady Mary Holborow, the recently retired Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall and Patron of The Lizard Tamar Lifeboat Appeal, naming the lifeboat, Rose. The service of dedication was followed by a presentation of awards to four volunteer members of The Lizard lifeboat station. Crew member Steve Tattersall was presented with a 20 years’ service badge, Head Launcher Jeff Ashby a 30 years’ service badge, Deputy Launching Authority John Harris a 40 years’ service badge and Ken Bright received a service certificate after retiring as Deputy Head Launcher at the end of last year. The climax to the ceremony was when the bottle of champagne was broken over the bow of Rose as she was namedand then shewas launcheddown the slipway. The guests then made their way up to a marquee in the top car park where they were served with a traditional Cornish cream tea.

In May 2010 the old lifeboat station was demolished and teams of builders set about rebuilding a larger more modern facility, which would house the Tamar class all-weather lifeboat. This is the most ambitious building project undertaken by the RNLI; Kilcobben Cove is in a very remote location and 200 feet over a cliff with limited access. During the 20 months it took to rebuild the station, the lifeboat was placed on a mooring off Cadgwith or Polpeor, Lizard Point or during times of poor weather was taken to the shelter of Falmouth Harbour.

In July 2011, The Lizard’s Tyne class lifeboat David Robinson was replaced with the new Tamar class lifeboat Rose. The local fundraising branches in The Lizard, Coverack, Helston and Porthleven, along with the local community had been given the challenge of raising £300,000 in 3 years and after a fantastic response from all sorts of clubs, organisations and individuals raised £385,000 in only 2 years.

In October 2011, the new station was handed over to the RNLI by builders BAM Nuttall. Work then began to furnish the inside of the station. Although the lifeboat was now safely housed and able to respond from the station, the building required finishing off. The funicular lift and winch house were now also refurbished.

Ned Nuzum Lifeboat Operations Manager at The Lizard lifeboat station said
‘Accepting our new lifeboat into the station’s care at this ceremony, attended by so many former crew, including two very distinctive retired coxswains, helpers and committee  was a moment I’ll personally privilege forever more. This day ultimately celebrated the end of an exciting journey for us all here at The Lizard station, a day we’ll surely remember for the rest of our lives.  So much has happened here over the past three years, big changes to cope with, difficult decisions for many and big challenges for others. As we now embark on the next chapter of this station’s proud history, with a magnificent new boathouse and a sensational new Tamar lifeboat, let us remember that generations of lifeboat men (and women now too), have saved lives from here and the surrounding shores for 153 years and this is a tradition we are all really proud of, something that we will be privileged to take into the future.  With these new excellent facilities our volunteer crew will be better equipped,  committed, selfless and courageous when necessary, as they place the lives of others before that of their own, in the best traditions of the RNLI, saving lives at sea’.   


    The photographs above are of the official opening ceremony and service of dedication. Credit Paul Richards


    • The Lizard lifeboat Rose alongside the previous Lizard lifeboat The Duke of Cornwall off the station at Kilcobben Cove on Saturday

    • Steve Tattersall receiving his 20 years service badge

    • Jeff Ashby receiving his 30 years service badge

    • John Harris receiving his 40 years service badge

    • Ken Bright receiving his Service Certificate after retiring as Deputy Head Launcher at the end of last year.

23 April 2012

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat station ‘Kilcobben’s Rose’
has a very successful launch

Last Friday evening saw the launch of local photographer Geoff Squibb’s book ‘Kilcobben’s Rose’ in The Lizard village.

The rebuild of The Lizard lifeboat station has taken over two years to complete and Geoff felt it would be good to take a few photographs to keep for posterity as this was such a large project. As the build started to wind into action Geoff got hooked on how the landscape was changing and didn’t want to miss any of the action. He started to turn up on a daily basis and ended up taking over 6500 images which showed not only the building work but the people involved with the build project and lifeboat station, also turning his attention to the wildlife which visited the area as well. After several months of visiting the site in Kilcobben Cove, The Lizard, Geoff realised he was gathering together a fantastic pictorial insight in to what happens when the Royal National Lifeboat Institution have to update one of their lifeboat stations in order to house the larger Tamar class all-weather lifeboat.
Having displayed the images on the internet and after seeing how much interest the photographs were getting, Geoff thought he would look into producing a book of the images. Several of the builders involved in the rebuild also encouraged Geoff to put together a book and so he approached Bam Nuttall Ltd and Royal Haskoning, both involved in the building and along with other individuals and companies, obtained enough sponsorship from them to print 900 soft-backed and 100 hard-backed books of the images.

Last Friday evening Geoff took over Coast Coffee Bar & Bistro in The Lizard village, to launch his book. He displayed images he had taken of the build from the exposed beams inside the café and with the support of his family and friends Geoff opened the doors to anyone wanting a copy of this amazing book. At 7:30 on the dot the place was inundated with people, the queue was right through the café and there were people unbelievably having to wait outside. Everyone who purchased a copy praised the quality of the content of the book.

Geoff said of the evening ‘I have been overwhelmed by the response of everyone. When I was getting ready to sell the book I wondered if anyone would come along and I couldn’t believe just how many showed up. I spent almost three hours continually signing copies, selling almost 130 copies that evening alone. I can’t thank everyone enough for all their support.

In special recognition for the help and support his parents have given him, Geoff presented his mum and dad with a handmade version of the book.

The Lizard lifeboat coxswain Andrew Putt said;’ the last couple of years has been an unbelievable time for the station and crew. Geoff was with us in Kilcobben on most days in all winds and weather; he would park up where he could see what was going on and just snapped away. Sometimes it was freezing outside but when we looked he would be sat there taking photos. Our support of the occasional cup of tea and coffee seemed quite puny, but his tenacity has been fantastic and now he has an outstanding archive of the station rebuild for everyone to see, which is brilliant and we can’t thank Geoff enough. This is the only lifeboat station rebuild that has been photographed so closely’.

Geoff will be at Coast 10am to 2pm daily from now until Friday 4 May. You can also purchase a copy of the book through Geoff’s website www.cornishpixels.co.uk Sorry the book has now sold out, but please take a look at the website and see how the funds raised have been used.

The photograph above shows Geoff Squibb signing a copy of his book ‘Kilcobben’s Rose’ for local resident Andrea Thirlaway.

The (unofficial!) Olympic torch arrived early at The Lizard on Friday 20th April with the children of Landewednack School meeting it at The Lizard Lifeboat Station.

The torch began its journey at St Breock
School and has made its way down the County being passed from school to
school, when it arrived at Grade Ruan, the torch took the sea!

The children from Grade Ruan were dressed as ancient Greeks representing the first marathon run from the battle of Marathon (the namesake of the race) to Athens. They carried the torch to Cadgwith Cove where local fisherman Nigel Legge was waiting to take it on board his fishing boat and on to The Lizard Lifeboat Station.

RNLB "Rose" had been lowered to the end of her slipway and children from Landewednack School and Grade Ruan were at the station to see Nigel's granddaughter Marnie hand the torch to crew member Darren Thirlaway who passed it on to station mechanic Dan Atkinson. The torch was slowly brought back into the station house aboard "Rose" by winchman Dave MacBride. The children ran from the station with the torch where the official handover between the two schools took place at Landewednack. The children from Landewednack will pass the torch on to Mullion Primary School on Monday 23rd April.

Lyndsay Bray said, "This is a unique occasion and we wanted the children to take some small part in the London Olympics even though we are far away in beautiful Cornwall. We thought this would be a great opportunity for the children of Landewednack and Grade Ruan Schools to join forces and celebrate the event together.

Huge thanks go to Nigel Legge and everyone at The Lizard Lifeboat Station for making the morning such an enjoyable success for the children.

Photographs show: Nigel arriving from Cadgwith accompanied by 2 children from each school, Grade Ruan teaching assistant Ali Russell and Ryker Jeal. Landewednack pupil Marnie Jeal handing the torch to crewman Darren Thirlaway. Darren handing the torch to Station Mechanic Dan Atkinson. The children from both schools on the lifeboat. The official handover of the torch from Grade Ruan to Landewednack.

Lyndsay Bray
Teaching Assistant
Landewednack School


Deputy Lifeboat Press Officer
The Lizard Lifeboat Station

20 April 2012 

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat station is preparing to celebrate
two major events

Over the past two years The Lizard lifeboat station has been going through a station rebuild and taken delivery of a new Tamar class all-weather lifeboat.  When the station in Kilcobben Cove, The Lizard, was demolished in May 2010 local photographer Geoff Squibb decided to take a few images of the rebuild for posterity, but after visiting the building site in all winds and weather and having taken over 6500 images, has now produced a book documenting this amazing project.

Saturday 5 May will see the culmination of the build project when the lifeboat station team will celebrate the opening of the new station and dedication of their new lifeboat Rose. Admiral The Lord Boyce, chairman of the RNLI will officially open the station while Lady Mary Holborow, the recently retired Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall will name the new lifeboat. Lady Mary was Patron of the Lizard Tamar Lifeboat Appeal throughout the three years the appeal ran. Remarkably the target of £300,000 to raise locally was achieved in just two years due to the help of the local lifeboat fundraising branches at The Lizard, Coverack, Porthleven and Helston, and because of the amazing response from many local and national businesses and individuals, too numerous to mention. The rest of the cost of the lifeboat was met by donations from Trusts, major donors and legacies. There was also a donation of over £1.3 million from an anonymous donor for the naming rights.

During the time the appeal ran, the lifeboat station was demolished and a new larger station now replaces it on the same site at Kilcobben Cove. BAM Nuttall were employed and set about the challenging task of extending the concrete base on which the original station was built in 1961. They then built a ‘state of the art’ station suitable to take The Lizard RNLI into the 21st century.

The Lizard lifeboat chairman Mike Lord says;

 ‘We are all looking forward to the boathouse opening and the dedication of our new lifeboat. It is something we have all been waiting for, for a long time. It’s amazing to look back at what has been achieved here over the last two years. From the station being demolished in May 2010 and the lifeboat having to be moved around from moorings off Cadgwith and Polpeor or in extreme weather taken to Falmouth to the shelter of the harbour. Having our Coxswain Phil Burgess retire in October 2010 and new Coxswain Andrew Putt arrive, the Tyne class all-weather lifeboat David Robinson being replaced by the Tamar lifeboat in July 2011 and now our new station being completed. This building is phenomenal, so much bigger and better than the old, with fantastic facilities which can be used by so many’.

When the rebuild commenced local photographer Geoff Squibb from Cornishpixels Photography, Porthleven, thought it would be a good project to document in photographs. He aimed to visit the build site once a week to take photographs, hoping to gather together a collection which could be kept as an historic record for people to look at in years to come. But Geoff found the work compulsive and before he knew it he was turning up in Kilcobben Cove daily. Gradually the workmen and lifeboat personnel got used to Geoff being around as he became part of the fixtures and fittings and they kept him up to date with what was happening. Sometime into the project Geoff felt he had enough material to produce a book about the build. He approached some of the companies for sponsorship and BAM Nuttall and Royal Haskoning agreed to donate enough money for 1000 copies of a book to be produced. Geoff through his friend and fellow photographer David Penprase approached local Penryn printers R Booth Ltd to print his book ‘Kilcobben’s Rose’.

The feat that Geoff undertook would have been amazing anyway due to the amount of time and effort he has put in at Kilcobben getting the images that show just how interesting and challenging this project was for the builders, but what makes this even more amazing is the fact that Geoff has been confined to a wheelchair since being paralysed in a motorcycle accident 22 years ago. He had to use his quad bike to get to locations in fields above the build site, so he could capture the fantastic shots which now appear in this outstanding book. This in itself sometimes proved quite wet and cold but on one particular occasion Geoff had been at the build site all day eventually arriving home in the early evening only to find that his wheelchair wasn’t strapped to his quad and without it he was unable to get into his bungalow. He turned around and drove the 15 miles back to The Lizard to find it lying in the field as he had forgotten to tighten the straps that held it on back of his bike.

Geoff says, "Being born and brought up in a tight-knit community like The Lizard, you can't help but know the lifeboat crew and their families, you also become aware of some of the conditions the lifeboat sometimes has to go out in; therefore the station has always been a familiar part of my life. For me, having a huge passion for photography and a fascination at looking at photos from years gone by, documenting the rebuild of the station and leaving an archive of images for generations to come was my real driving force behind the whole project. Just a few months in I had taken far more images than I had set out to at the start and was often asked by many of the workmen, 'what are you going to do with all the images?', to which I would reply, 'I'm not entirely sure?'. As time went on I soon realised it would be a crime not to try and piece some kind of document together! So, after many conversations with the contractors regarding raising funds to cover the costs a book would entail and with many generous donations from local people, the book became a reality. If anyone in years to come gets half as much pleasure looking through 'Kilcobben's Rose' as I did going through the old black and white images of the first build in Kilcobben, then my mission will be accomplished."

Geoff will be launching his book ‘Kilcobben’s Rose’ at Coast Coffee Bar & Bistro, The Lizard, from 7:30pm to 11pm on the evening of Friday 20 April.

The launch is open to anyone who wants to come along. Currently Geoff has planned to have 900 paperback and 100 hard-backed copies printed.

He will be holding a raffle on the evening where there will be a chance of winning a hard-backed copy.

Geoff will then be at Coast from Saturday 21 April to Friday 4 May from 10am to 2pm daily.

Geoff Squibb website:"www.cornishpixels.co.uk" giving details and photographs of Geoff’s book.



Photo credits fro this article:
John Harris
Geoff Squibb
Bernice Putt


20 February 2012

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat coxswain visits
Grade Ruan C of E School.

The Lizard lifeboat coxswain Andrew Putt today visited Grade Ruan School, Ruan Minor to accept a cheque for the RNLI SOS day.

At this morning’s school assembly Andrew met the pupils and staff before being presented with a cheque for £220.21.

The pupils at Grade Ruan Church of England School had held a cream tea organised by Mrs Nicky Jose, at the school on Friday 27 January with all the proceeds going towards replacing the lifejackets currently worn by the crew of The Lizard RNLI lifeboat.

At the cream tea retired Lizard coxswain Phil Burgess and crew member Brett Jose talked to the children about the work of the RNLI, also showing them the foul weather gear the crew have to wear when going to sea in an emergency. The pupils put together an SOS day board with pictures of different lifeboats and information leaflets about the RNLI, which is displayed in the school hall.

During the assembly today Andrew thanked the children and teachers for raising the money before inviting them to visit the lifeboat station early in March.


7 February 2012

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat second coxswain retires.

The Lizard lifeboat second coxswain Louis Mitchell has decided to step down from his position, after over 20 years on the crew.

Louis finished lifeboating at the end of last year after deciding it was time to devote more time to his fishing business as he works a small fishing boat Victoria Anne out of Cadgwith.

It takes a lot of dedication and time to be part of a lifeboat crew, especially in a remote area like The Lizard.

The Lizard lifeboat mechanic Dan Atkinson said On board the lifeboat Louis was always the same whatever the weather or conditions. He just took it all in his stride. He was good to have on board as he didn’t get ruffled, no matter what was going on.

Recently the crew held a farewell party for Louis and his wife Helen where they were presented with a couple of framed photographs. Louis told everyone at the event that he would miss being on the crew as he had enjoyed every minute. He went on to say he had attended a number of incidents over the years that had been challenging, but that’s what being a crew member on the most southerly lifeboat is all about.

28 January 2012 


Children and Staff from Landewednack School at The Lizard celebrated the RNLI's annual SOS fundraising day in style when they all visited the brand new Lizard Lifeboat station at Kilcobben Cove. Having made their way down to the station via the many steps that lead to it, they were welcomed by Coxswain Andrew Putt and other members of the stations' crew, shore crew and committee.


The children were given a guided tour of the pristine station and were delighted to also been shown around RNLB "Rose", who sat immaculately
in position in her new home. However an even bigger surprise was waiting for the children when just as they thought they were leaving to head back to school, the crew emerged in full gear and boarded the boat to show their very excited audience just how "Rose" leaves her boathouse!. As Head Launcher Jeff Ashby assembled his crew for launch,
the children began counting down and a huge cheer went up as "Rose" slid down the slipway.

With the station being open to the public during the afternoon, the year 6 children were invited to stay and help with the serving of refreshments and help in showing visitors around the boathouse. The whole school had made a selection of biscuits the previous day with the help of Teaching Assistant Liz Hill, these were donated to the station in aid of SOS day.

Teaching Assistant at the school (and Deputy Lifeboat Press 0fficer) Lyndsay Bray said,

"Everyone at Landewednack School is so grateful to The Lizard Lifeboat Station. The children experienced the most fantastic morning, this is certainly one special school visit that will never be forgotten"

23 January 2012 

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat station will be open to the public for SOS Day

The Lizard’s new lifeboat station will be open for the public to look around this Friday 27 January between 1pm and 3pm, to celebrate the RNLI SOS Day.

The lifeboat station in Kilcobben Cove, The Lizard, has been under construction since May 2010 after the previous station was demolished as it was too small to house the new Tamar class all-weather lifeboat Rose.

The new ‘state of the art’ station has been built in the cove on the site of the old boathouse. The builders, BAM Nuttall Construction Ltd completed the exterior of the station at the end of 2011 and the Tamar lifeboat has been safely housed in the station since the handover. Although the exterior is completed, the interior is now being fitted out. To date, the crew and shore crew kit rooms have been completed and work is continuing in the mechanics workshop, crew room and training room.


The RNLI SOS Day is an opportunity for the public to come and have a look around. The pupils of Landewednack School, The Lizard are baking cakes to sell to visitors to the station and the year 6 pupils will be on hand, with members of the lifeboat crew to show people around the station and lifeboat.




Currently the lift is being refurbished and we are unable to guarantee it will be available on Friday 27 January to take any disabled visitors down to the station.

If you are unable to walk down and back up the 200 steps it will be advisable to contact The Lizard Lifeboat Press Officer Bernice Putt on 07896522176 to check if the lift is working.


  • The first photo shows some of the pupils from Landewednack School, The Lizard, getting ready to celebrate SOS Day with the RNLI mascot Stormy Stan.
    Credit Lyndsay Bray.
  • The second photograph shows the interior of the new station.
    Credit Geoff Squibb, Cornishpixels.

  •  The third photograph shows The Lizard lifeboat about to launch on exercise.
    Credit Bernice Putt


21 November 2011

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat needs your support

The Lizard lifeboat station fundraising section is currently undergoing a restructuring exercise to bring it in line with other branches within the RNLI.

The Lizard Tamar lifeboat appeal has recently closed after two and half years and from December 31 The Lizard Guild and the old fund-raising team will no longer exist and a new fund-raising branch will be formed. Anyone wanting to be involved with fundraising for The Lizard lifeboat will be welcome to be involved. There are a number of positions on the new committee that will need to be filled and the new fund-raising branch will work closely with the Lifeboat Management Group, which ensures the station runs smoothly.

The appeal for our new lifeboat was a spectacular success,” said The Lizard lifeboat chairman Mike Lord, “thanks to the thousands of people all over the country who contributed. Our local Tamar Lifeboat Appeal committee set out to raise £300,000 in three years towards the national appeal for £1.8 million – and we beat that target handsomely in just two years.

“Support from our local communities gave us a tremendous platform, and we can’t thank enough everyone here who helped in whatever way they could.

Meanwhile, the big changes in the RNLI’s fund-raising organisation are designed to meet the new challenges of raising the vital cash to keep its life-saving service at the top of its game. The RNLI has recently invested £7.8m for a new station and with the new Tamar class all-weather lifeboat costing £2.7m, it really is vital that funds are raised locally to keep the station running. The annual running costs of the station are more than £200,000.

“With the successful close of the Tamar Lifeboat Appeal, we now have to revamp and refresh our fund-raising for the future with a whole new set-up to meet changing circumstances,” Mr Lord said.

“We would love to hear from anyone who would like to be part of this exciting chapter in The Lizard’s lifeboat story and help with our future fundraising.” “Volunteers are at the heart of the RNLI and new faces are always welcome – so if you are interested in helping, please contact me at mikealixlord@live.co.uk or by phone on 01326-290981.”

Currently, although the lifeboat is housed and operating from the new station it is not fully in use as it still needs to be fitted out. The lift winch house is being refurbished and will hopefully back in use in the next couple of weeks. This will then allow the work inside the station to get underway. It is hoped that the station will be open to the public early in the New Year.

14th January 2012

Members of The Lizard Lifeboat welcomed a group of young musicians to
the station on Saturday 14th January.

They had come to present Coxswain Andrew Putt with the money they had raised from playing their brass instruments to the residents of Mullion on Christmas eve. The children who play the trumpet, cornet, trombone and tuba played a medley of Christmas carols outside the Spar shop owned by Mark and Diana Bailey.

The children and their families were treated to a tour of the brand new station and were delighted to be shown around the immaculately presented RNLB "Rose".

Joining the Coxswain were Lifeboat Operations Manager Ned Nuzum, Second
Mechanic Johnny Bray and Head Launcher Jeff Ashby. The children were
thanked for the super donation of £110.88, with special thanks to Jos
Hearn who had donated to the station for the second year running.

For further information on The Lizard Lifeboat and for details on how
the station will be supporting this years SOS Day which is on Friday
27th January

17 November 2011

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat station rebuild to feature in a new book

Over the past 19 months the Royal National Lifeboat Institution has invested £7.8m in rebuilding the lifeboat station in Kilcobben Cove, The Lizard

Throughout the rebuild local photographer Geoff Squibb from Cornishpixels in Porthleven, has been capturing every step of the way on his camera. He has visited the site on most days, in all winds and weather. What started off as an idea to just photograph any monumental changes, ended up with Geoff visiting several days a week so he didn’t miss any of the action.

Geoff explained “ When the building work got underway I thought I would come down to the site maybe once a week, but on each visit something new would be happening or I would be told what was planned and it seemed to make sense for me to be there to capture it. Before long I found myself driving down to Kilcobben most days”.

Gradually everyone from the main contractors Bam Nuttall and the lifeboat station personnel all started to get to know Geoff, as he became almost permanent fixture taking photographs from alongside the winch house. He was introduced to everyone visiting the building site and most would explain what work they were there to carry out.

Geoff began to gather a good insight into what was going on, what was involved with building the new station. When there was work going on down on the base that couldn’t be viewed from the winch house, Geoff would get his camera taken down to the slab by one of the workers, so that bits and pieces which  were instrumental in the build were photographed.

Geoff ended up with over 6500 photographs of the rebuild, most of them feature on The Lizard lifeboat station website and have also appeared individually in a variety of publications. Geoff went on to explain “Once the work was completed it seemed to make sense that I should put together a book of photographs documenting the rebuild. He continued “I looked into the cost of producing a book and it is going to be expensive, so I approached all the contractors involved in building the new station to see if they would be interested in donating toward the cost of a book. I have had a really good response and Bam Nuttall Ltd agreed to donate over £4000, with Civil Engineers Royal Haskoning also donating £2000, toward the project.”

On Wednesday 9 November Lloyd Wickens, Senior Agent for Bam Nuttall Ltd met with Geoff and representatives from The Lizard lifeboat station, to present him with a cheque for £4300 toward  the book.

Geoff said” I can’t thank Bam Nuttall and Royal Haskoning enough. This money along with some smaller donations I have received from a few of the companies, who were involved in the station build, means I am able to get this book published early in the New Year”.

Currently Geoff is in the process of trying to come up with a name for the book and would like help with this. So if anyone has any ideas or would like to know more about Geoff’s project, you can contact him at geoff@cornishpixels.co.uk.

17 October 2011

 The Lizard RNLI lifeboat station nears completion

The first important milestone has been achieved at the RNLI’s most southerly mainland lifeboat station.

On Wednesday 5 October BAM Nuttall Construction Company handed over the lifeboat station to the RNLI after completing the structure on time. Work commenced in May 2010 and has taken 18 months, in all winds and weather, to complete.

The old boathouse, which was built in 1959 and opened in 1961, was demolished and the concrete base extended to accommodate the larger structure which now houses the Tamar class all-weather lifeboat RNLB Rose.

On Thursday 6 October RNLB Rose was housed in the new station for the first time much to the relief of the coxswain and crew, just before the winter weather and rough seas set in.

The interior will now be furnished with bench seating in the crew room and drying areas built in the clothing stores. It is anticipated this will take 4 to 6 weeks. While this work is being carried out the lift house and lift are being refurbished. The lift winch house is being re-rendered and will have a new roof fitted by Symons Construction from St.Ives. The winch and lift cage are being replaced. This will be completed in time for the crew to move in to the boathouse fully. At present although the lifeboat is housed safely in the station, the office and crew foul-weather clothing still remains in the temporary buildings in the car park.

    Photo: The Lizard RNLI
    The Tamar class all-weather lifeboat RNLB Rose on the new station slipway preparing to launch on exercise.

The Lizard Lifeboat Slipway Trials

A new era of The Lizard Lifeboat Station moved another step closer on Tuesday 2nd August when RNLI personal carried out a day long operation of Slipway Trials. With the new station near to completion the launching and rehousing of the new Tamar Class Lifeboat was a vital operation and it was carried out with complete precision.

Huge credit for the success of the trials go to Project Manager Jonathan Kirkland, Site Agent Lloyd Wickens and to General Foreman Glen Parrott and his team of principal contractors BAM Nuttall who have produced such an impressive construction in the new lifeboat station at Kilcobben Cove.

The trials enabled some key station personnel to operate the new winching equipment and to witness first hand the unique lifeboat tipping cradle device at the head of the slipway in actual operation.

Jeff Ashby who is Head Launcher at the station said how delighted he and his team were with every aspect of the trials and in particular the very useful demonstrations and guidance they were given with all of the new equipment and machinery, adding that it had been a memorable experience for us all.

The day involved using two Tamar class lifeboats including our new station lifeboat "Rose" and Coxswain Andrew Putt who had been aboard both vessels expertly carried out a series of precision recoveries onto the new slipway throughout the day, later adding how pleased he was with all of the new systems.

RNLI Slipways Trials Director Neil Chaplin said "This had been the most successful slipway trial I have ever undertaken and everything has gone entirely to plan, I very much look forward to the station handover to the RNLI in October"

Lizard Lifeboat Operations Manager Ned Nuzum thanked the trials team and congratulated Royal Haskoning and Bam Nuttall for delivering such a magnificent building and slipway, highlighting the huge milestone for the project and the giant step closer we are to a new era of lifeboating at the most southerly station.

For more information, news and up to date photographs on the Lizard Lifeboat and the construction of the new station visit www.thelizardlifeboat.org.uk

Photographs courtesy of Geoff Squibb/RNLI

Lyndsay Bray
Deputy Lifeboat Press Officer
The Lizard Lifeboat

Coxswain of The Lizard Lifeboat Andrew Putt recently accepted a cheque from Brian Buxton who is President of the Helston and District Sea Angling Club.

Mr Buxton presented a donation of £185 to go towards The New Lizard Tamar Lifeboat Appeal which is one of the beneficiaries from the proceeds of the Peter Collins Memorial Cup. The competition is held annually in Memory of Peter Collins who was a major figure in the clubs history.

Thanks go to Mr Buxton and all at the Angling Club for their very generous donation.


A Barn Dance and a spectacular Air Sea Rescue demonstration heralded
the success of The Lizard Lifeboat Weekend which took place in The
National Trust car park at The Lizard Point.

Organised by members of
The Lizard Tamar Lifeboat Appeal Committee the Barn Dance began the
festivities on the evening of Saturday 20th August. The beautifully
decorated marquee had again been kindly donated to The Lizard Lifeboat
committee by Trevarno Marquees. There was a licensed bar run by Adam
Weston from The Witchball Restaurant (who himself is a crew member of
The Lizard Lifeboat) and a tasty pasty to enjoy during a rest from
dancing! Music was supplied from "The Other Band" who entertained the
revelers throughout the evening.

Thanks go to everyone who supported the event, a thoroughly enjoyable
evening was had by all.

PHOTOGRAPHS SHOW: The Barn Dancers!, The Witchball Restaurant manning
the bar and members of "The Other Band".


A gloriously sunny morning followed and the marquee was cleared in
preparation for The Lizard Lifeboat Day, visitors were treated to a
vast selection of gifts, crafts and lifeboat souvenirs. There was also
a raffle and The Lizard Lifeboat Calendar 2012 was also on sale.

The calendar contains beautiful pictures of the new Tamar class Lifeboat
RNLB "Rose" and the recently retired Tyne Class Lifeboat, RNLB "David
Robinson". The "Guess the Weight of the lifeboat cake" was won by the
Charity family from the village and children were able to have their
faces painted by Jenny Wren. A huge cake with a photograph of both
Lifeboats was also cut and sold very quickly to those who wanted
something sweet having just enjoyed the BBQ which was run by local

Local beach Lifeguards were there to explain their role within the RNLI
along with The Coastguards. The National Trust and representatives from
Natural England were also there with activities to keep the children

The Lizard Lifeboat "Rose" also made her first of many appearances at
lifeboat day. The arrival of the helicopter from RNAS Culdrose added to
the excitement as they carried out their first public air sea rescue
demonstration together. Huge crowds had gathered and lined the cliffs
and footpaths to watch the display. Coxswain Andrew Putt was
accompanied by second mechanic Johnny Bray and crew members Steve
Tattersall, Marcus Atkinson, Robert Edgerley and Perran Pryor. Huge
thanks go to the 771 Naval Squadron from RNAS Culdrose, crew members of
the Sea King HU MK 5 Helicopter were Pilots Lieutenants Rob Spinks and
Al Summers, Observer and SAR Commander Simon Daw and Petty Officer Air
crewman Craig Gabraitis.


Thanks go to The National Trust, the team of volunteers who manned the
BBQ, to The Witchball for providing the bar for both events, to
Trevarno Marquees and to everyone who came and showed their support for
The Lizard Lifeboat.

Photographs show: Photographer Geoff Squibb with his father Roger.
Face Painter Jenny Marquis having painted Lifeboats onto Harry and Matthew. Representatives from The Girl Guides with Keith Johnson and his ceramic artwork.

The Lizard Lifeboat Chairman Mike Lord cutting the first slice of Lifeboat cake! The BBQ team. RNLB "Rose" working with the helicopter
from RNAS Culdrose.


26th JULY 2011

The beautiful gardens at Bonython Manor near Helston set the scene for a fund raising event hosted by members of The Lizard Tamar Lifeboat Committee.

The superb gardens which are owned by Mrs Sue Nathan were open as usual for the day on Tuesday 26th July, however on this occasion the days takings were all kindly donated to The Lizard
Tamar Lifeboat Appeal.

Mrs Nathan's garden features in the "South West Gardens for the Lifeboats and Lifeguards 2011". The gardens cover 20 acres which includes a walled garden, potager garden and 3 lakes in a very picturesque valley.

Teas and scrumptious light refreshments were served by members of
the Coverack RNLI Branch, children were able to venture out on a
Lifeboat theme adventure trail and gifts and souvenirs were also available.

Over £600 was raised for the appeal, huge thanks go to Mrs Nathan and all
at Bonython Manor for their support of The Lizard Lifeboat and to
everyone who helped make the day such an enjoyable success.




Photographs show: Members of Coverack RNLI Branch serving
refreshments. Rachel Tonkin selling RNLI souvenirs.

Lyndsay Bray
Deputy Lifeboat Press Officer
The Lizard Lifeboat

25 July 2011

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat station says goodbye to RNLB David Robinson

A Rescue Helicopter from 771 Squadron RNAS Culdrose joins in the tribute to RNLB David Robinson.

Several local residents and holiday makers lined the cliff top at Lizard Point to wave goodbye to the Tyne class all-weather lifeboat David Robinson as she made her final passage to Royal National Lifeboat Institution Headquarters at Poole, Dorset.

Onboard the lifeboat was Phil Burgess, retired Coxswain at The Lizard, who had the privilege of bringing David Robinson to the station 22 years ago. Also onboard was Louis Mitchell 2nd Coxswain, Richard Woodmansey who is retiring from the crew after 28 years, but is remaining as a shore helper and Johnny Bray 2nd Mechanic, The Lizard lifeboat.

The David Robinson then made her way along the coast to Cadgwith, where she has been moored on a temporary mooring while the new boathouse is built, again there were a number of locals lining the beach and cliff, wanting to give the lifeboat a warm send off.

An air sea rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose carried out a flypast and as is tradition on such occasions, dipped her nose in recognition of the lifeboats departure. Both the lifeboat and helicopter crews have worked together on numerous rescue missions over the 22 years that David Robinson has been on service at The Lizard.

Dr Geoffrey Wood The Lizard lifeboat President said ‘It was a poignant moment when we said goodbye to our lifeboat David Robinson on a lovely Saturday morning at Cadgwith Cove. She had served us faithfully for the last 22 years, never faltering while on active service. I had seen her accepted into service in the presence of the Duke of Edinburgh and have attended some of her services. Now it was time to say farewell as she disappeared from view on her way to Poole with our retired Coxswain Phil Burgess on board, quite an emotional moment, she was escorted by our new Tamar RNLB Rose of which we expect great things’.

The end of an era at
The Lizard RNLI lifeboat station

The Lizard lifeboat station will be saying goodbye to its Tyne class all-weather lifeboat David Robinson this Saturday 23 July, when she leaves to go to Poole to take up a position with the relief fleet.

The David Robinson arrived on station in 1988 when she replaced the Barnett class lifeboat The Duke of Cornwall. The David Robinson was the new Tyne class lifeboat which was twice the speed of the Barnett and was fitted with the latest up to date safety equipment. Crewed by 7 crew members she could respond to casualties quickly, with a top of speed of 17knots.

Now things have progressed and the Tyne class has been replaced by the faster Tamar class lifeboat, which has a top speed 25 knots. The Lizard’s new Tamar RNLB Rose arrived at Cadgwith on Sunday 10 July. The crew have now carried out extensive training at the Lifeboat College in Poole and on station, and after one final exercise to test the boat and crew RNLB Rose was passed fit to take over as the station boat, ready to respond to any incident.

Everyone at the station is very sad to see the David Robinson go as she has served the station very well and has dealt with many challenging incidents. One of the most memorable callouts was in 2004 when launched to the assistance of the yacht Gellie.

Coxswain Philip Burgess was awarded the ‘Thanks of the Institution’ inscribed on Vellum, in recognition of his leadership, seamanship and determination when the lifeboat saved two people and the yacht Gellie on 7 July 2004. The service took place at night in severe weather conditions approximately 35 miles south of Lizard Point. The winds were north easterly 11 to 12 and the seas were 6 to 7 metres. The condition precluded evacuation or transfer of crew and a tow was successfully passed and established.

This Saturday it is planned for David Robinson to go to Polpeor, Lizard Point at 9:30am for everyone to give her a last wave before she sets off to Poole, she will then call into Cadgwith at 10am to say a final farewell. Onboard will be 2nd Coxswain Louis Mitchell, 2nd Mechanic Johnnie Bray and crew members Richard Woodmansey and Phil Burgess, retired Coxswain of The Lizard, who had the privilege of bringing the David Robinson to the station nearly 23 years ago.

While the crew are taking David Robinson to Poole, the fundraising team will be hard at work on Sunday 24 July on The Lizard village green, holding their annual summer fete. The fete which will feature many stalls and games starts at 12 noon and continues until 4pm, weather permitting. If the weather is wet then the venue will change to the Reading Room.

To find out more about The Lizard lifeboat station and to see the latest views from the RNLI webcam, visit the station website at www.thelizardlifeboat.co.uk

The photo of the David Robinson taken on Sunday 10 July by John Harris/RNLI

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat station welcomes its new Tamar class all-weather lifeboat.

The cliffs at Cadgwith and Lizard Point were lined with many excited well-wishers when RNLB Rose arrived yesterday afternoon.

For the last week the new Tamar class all-weather lifeboat Rose has been at the RNLI headquarters in Poole with five of The Lizard crew carrying out pre-commissioning training. Coxswain Andrew Putt, Mechanic Dan Atkinson and 3 volunteer crew members Assistant Mechanic Johnnie Bray, Robert Edgerley and Nick Tattersall have been put through 7 long days of emergency drills and training to ensure they know every inch of the new craft.

The Tamar class lifeboat is fitted with up to date navigation, radio and search equipment which is run through the electrical management system (SIMS). The crew were instructed in its use and finer complexities and then given the opportunity to take the boat to sea and try out all the equipment, ensuring they understand fully how it all works.

Andrew Putt explained ‘The SIMS is as straightforward as anything once you have had the chance use it, but it is a different system to what the crews have been used to before. The Tyne class, currently on station at The Lizard isn’t fitted with this type of system. He went on to say Then once the instructors were happy we had mastered the technology, we then had to show them that we could put it all in to practice. This meant some long days and a fair few miles on long runs to carryout simulated emergencies, whilst also planning search areas, looking for simulated casualties. We would be given a scenario of a missing yacht and then find that our engines weren’t working or the fire alarm bells in the engine room would sound and we would have to deal with our own emergency onboard, while also continuing to search for the yacht’.

The crew was then passed out from the lifeboat training college in Poole, but the training wasn’t over for the volunteers. The Divisional Training Inspector and Engineer then joined the crew to put them through their paces once more, before declaring the lifeboat and crew fit for purpose. Then came the best bit, bringing Rose home to The Lizard

The Rose and David Robinson arriving at CadgwithRNLB Rose and crew met up with The Lizard station Tyne David Robinson, off Black Head and both lifeboats made their way to Cadgwith, where they were met by a flotilla of small craft and many well-wishers lining the cove. After thrilling the onlookers at Cadgwith, both boats continued on round the coast to Lizard Point, where again the crowds were waiting to see the new Tamar.

RNLB Rose was then taken to a temporary mooring off Kilcobben, The Lizard, where the rest of the volunteer crew members will carry out their training over the next 2 weeks.
Photo: Geoff Squibb/RNLI

Rose and David Robinson off Cadgwith with some of the flotilla of small craft.
Photos: Jess Putt/RNLI

It is anticipated that Rose will go ‘on service’ on Saturday 23 July when the David Robinson will go to Poole to join the relief fleet of lifeboats.

To find out more about The Lizard lifeboat station and to see the latest views from the RNLI webcam, Click here

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To View Royal Visit Photo Gallery Click here

Royalty arrives at our new RNLI lifeboat station

Date: 14/04/2011

Author: Amy Caldwell and Bernie Putt, Lifeguard Press Officer

As construction work continues on the new RNLI lifeboat station at The Lizard, His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent made time to visit the site and see the charity’s biggest build project for 2011 today (Thursday 14 April). Accompanied by the Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, Lady Mary Holborow, The Duke met various local dignitaries, and RNLI volunteers and their families, before joining RNLI supporters at a fundraising lunch at the Housel Bay Hotel.

The Duke, who is President of the RNLI, last visited the old Lizard boat house in 1996, when it looked very different. Today he took in the enormous task of constructing a new boathouse at the mercy of the elements on the exposed Cornish coastline. As well as providing modern facilities for crew training, a workshop for the mechanic and better access for the public, the boathouse will be home to a state of the art Tamar class all weather lifeboat.

The royal visit comes at an exciting time for everyone at The Lizard as they come close to reaching the target for the local fundraising appeal towards the new lifeboat, which will replace the 22 year old Tyne Class lifeboat David Robinson.

Mike Lord, RNLI Chairman at The Lizard spoke of the appeal’s success, he says;

‘We set out in this little village three years ago to raise £300,000 towards the new lifeboat, and here we are, less than two years in and tantalisingly close to our target. It’s testament to all the hard work locally, and much further afield and the visit from His Royal Highness is a fitting way of thanking everyone for their efforts so far but also a boost to inspire us all to keep going, because there will be no taking the foot off the pedal. Once the boat has been paid for, money will be raised towards the fixtures and fittings in the station and making it something to be very proud of.’

Lady Mary, Patron of The Lizard Appeal accompanied The Duke of Kent on his visit to the station in 1996, which was her first official RNLI engagement as Lord Lieutenant. By coincidence today’s visit marks her final RNLI engagement before she retires from duty later this year, and she remarked on the ‘historic occasion’.

Escorted by Lady Mary, The Duke of Kent was introduced to the assembled civic guests and warmly welcomed by Michael Vlasto, RNLI Operations Director, who introduced him to Adrian Carey, RNLI Divisional Inspector South, Mike Lord, RNLI Chairman at the Lizard, Ned Nuzum, The Lizard’s RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager, Andrew Putt, The Lizard Lifeboat Coxswain and Dan Atkinson, The Lizard Lifeboat Mechanic.

He was invited into the temporary lifeboat station Portakabin, where he met Adam Littlejohn, RNLI Shoreworks Divisional Manager, Andrew Pointon-Bell, Sub Agent and Lloyd Wickins, Site Agent of Nuttall John Martin, the site contractors and Johnathan Kirkland Project Manager for Royal Haskoning. Here they discussed the rebuilding of the Lizard boathouse and the major civil engineering and building challenges it presents before the Duke was equipped with appropriate safety equipment and taken down to the build site where contractors are currently working on the internal fixtures of the building.

At St Wynwallow Church, the Duke had the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the RNLI lifeboat volunteers at The Lizard and their families before he was invited to present Mr Derrick Popple with a lifetime service award from the RNLI. Eighty one year old Mr Popple has been honorary treasurer of The Lizard Lifeboat Station for more than 10 years and throughout that time has been an exemplary, alert and painstakingly accurate keeper of the station’s accounts and overseer of its financial well-being. More recently he plays a key accounting role at the heart of the Lizard Lifeboat Station’s biggest-ever appeal for its new Tamar class lifeboat.

His Royal Highness was presented with an album of pictures taken by Geoff Squibb, a local photographer who was born on the Lizard. He has set himself the challenge of documenting the rebuild of The Lizard boathouse for future generations.

After signing two visitors’ books, one for St Wynwallow Church and one for the RNLI Lizard Lifeboat station The Duke of Kent was invited to join RNLI supporters at the Housel Bay Hotel for a fundraising lunch.

Ned Nuzum, RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager at The Lizard, says

‘It was a great honour to welcome The Duke of Kent to The Lizard today, and very exciting to be able to show him the plans for the magnificent new boathouse currently being constructed. We’re delighted that so many people are so interested midway through the build, some of whom have travelled many miles to be able to join us today, including John Challis (Boycie from Only Fools and Horses), appeal ambassador and his wife Carol. The Duke certainly enjoyed his visit and meeting the volunteers who make up the team at The Lizard.’



His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent meeting Andrew Putt, RNLI Coxswain of The Lizard lifeboat and Dan Atkinson, RNLI Mechanic at The Lizard with Ned Nuzum, RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager at The Lizard in the background credit RNLI/Cornishpixels

His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent being shown around the new Lizard lifeboat station build site by Bam Nuttall site agent Lloyd Wickins credit RNLI/Simon Culliford

His Royal Highness The Duke Of Kent being shown around the new Lizard lifeboat station build site by Bam Nuttall site agent Lloyd Wickins and various others credit RNLI/Simon Culliford

His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent presenting Mr Derek Popple, The Lizard Hon Treasurer with a long service award credit RNLI/Cornishpixels

His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent, local photographer Geoff Squibb and Mr Derek Popple, The Lizard Hon Treasurer credit RNLI/Bernie Putt

Things are coming on at The Lizard RNLI Lifeboat Station

Things are now racing along here at The Lizard.

The Lizard’s new Tamar Class lifeboat was launched on Monday 4 April. We are proud to announce that her name is RNLB Rose. She will shortly start her trials. The boat will have to go through commissioning trials, then yard trials to ensure that all the equipment is running as it should. The next stage will be for the lifeboat to be accepted by the RNLI which is planned for the 2 June.

The mechanics pre-commissioning training is then due to start on the 22 June. These training days will ensure that the station mechanics are given the opportunity to try out all the equipment that is fitted to the lifeboat and learn all the new systems. The Tamar Class is fitted with Systems and Information Management Systems (SIMS).

The SIMS is an integrated network of computers that provide information about, and control of some, of the various electronic, electrical and mechanical systems on board the Tamar class lifeboat, via 15 computer pages, which are accessed via simple large on screen buttons called hot keys.

The SIMS system comprises of four main parts; the SIMS rack, Data Acquisition and Control Units (DACU) the user interface and the equipment interface.

The equipment interface can be broken down into ‘sensors’ and ‘actuators’. The sensors provide the raw data for the whole system. This includes such things as valve position indication, course heading and engine monitoring. The actuators provide outputs in response to user action. This includes such things as opening and closing of valves, radar target acquisition and radio operation.

There are workstations at 5 of the seating positions in the wheelhouse and one at the upper steering position.

The pre commissioning training will take place in Poole and last for 5 days. It is planned that between July 4 and July 16, The Lizard station crew will commence their training, giving them the opportunity to get to know the lifeboat and SIMS systems, before it arrives at the station and goes on service.

And now for news of the station rebuild
The station seems to have suddenly appeared from nowhere. After several months of a flat concrete base, which admittedly has been a hive of activity, but a flat concrete slab all the same, suddenly out of nowhere has appeared a boathouse. The wooden frame seemed to take just a few days to erect and then a few days later, it had been clad in 3 inch thick tongue and groove timber.

There have been a couple of technical hitches along the way, nothing too serious, but time consuming. It was found that the cliff face to the south of the station was too close to the new extended base and had to be knocked away to make room for the new building. The base is almost double the width of the old base.

It was also noticed that the cliff face on both sides of the station was unstable as a small landslide had occurred. A team of contractors had to be employed to secure wire netting all round, from top to bottom, to ensure no loose rock could be dislodged and cause any damage to the station.  This didn’t stop work continuing on the base and as a result the station build is still on course for completion in October.

Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall visits The Lizard RNLI Lifeboat Station

Lady Mary Holborow, Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall made a visit to The Lizard Lifeboat Station on Tuesday 8 February.

Lady Mary, Principal Patron of The Lizard Lifeboat Tamar appeal, visited the temporary station building and met new Coxswain Andrew Putt and Mechanic Dan Atkinson along with other station personnel. After having a cup of tea and chat, Lady Mary was then shown the new station building works.

Lady Mary was taken down to the construction site in the funicular railway lift, where Andrew Poynton-Bell, Bam Nuttall construction site manager and Jonathon Kirkland from the Civil Engineers, Royal Haskoning, explained what was currently happening, as 15 lorry loads of concrete were being pumped down onto the original platform to widen it to take the new high tech boathouse.

Mike Lord, The Lizard Lifeboat Station Chairman was then able to give Lady Mary an account of how well the Tamar appeal fundraising was doing, which currently stands at £250,000. Mike was also able to explain that the Tamar build is well under way and that Babcock Marine, Plymouth, the builders, plan on launching the lifeboat for the start of what will be extensive trials, in early April.




  • The attached photograph shows Lady Mary at the top of the vernacular railway lift before visiting the construction site. The photograph was taken by Geoff Squibb, Cornishpixels Ltd.

  • The second photo shows Lady Mary talking to Jonathon Kirkland form Civil Engineers Royal Haskoning. Photo credit RNLI/The Lizard

  • Third photograph shows Ned Nuzum, The Lizard Lifeboat Operations Manager, Lady Mary, Adrian Carey, Inspector of Lifeboats (South Division) and Andrew Poynton-Bell Bam Nuttall construction site manager

Our new lifeboat takes shape!

Our new Tamar class all-weather lifeboat that will be stationed at Kilcobben Cove is now resplendent in her RNLI livery!

The lifeboat is being fitted out at Babcock Marine in Plymouth and has now come out of the paint facility in the distinctive orange and blue colours of the RNLI. She bears the numbers 16-20 on her bow. 16 signifies that she is a Tamar class of 16 metres in length and 20 reflects that she is the twentieth Tamar that the RNLI has built.

A team from The Lizard have already been to visit the lifeboat, including Coxswain Andrew Putt, Mechanic Dan Atkinson, Station Chairman Mike Lord and RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager, Ned Nuzum who says they were all very impressed:

‘Our visit was an extraordinary experience to say the least. Watching Andrew and Dan step aboard her for the first time was a powerful moment that I certainly won’t forget. The standard of work on our lifeboat is superb and she looks extremely smart in her RNLI colours with her gleaming white hull. On the day we visited the gearboxes and generator had already been installed, and the engines were waiting ready to be lifted into place.

‘Pre commissioning training for the crew will begin in July with a lot for everyone to learn about our new lifeboat and its state of the art systems, but I know all will rise to the challenge. Then we hope slipway trials will happen in early August.’

In the meantime Kilcobben Cove is a hive of activity where two huge concrete deliveries are bringing to an end the construction of the extension slabs to each side of the main foundation. This will form the ground floor of the new boathouse.

Mike Lord, RNLI Station Chairman at The Lizard, says excitement is mounting: ‘It’s fair to say that once the frame starts to go up the area will begin to look less like a construction site and more like a boathouse. This is extremely encouraging to those of us who are working to raise funds for the new lifeboat and for those who have already been generous in their support for our appeal. We have been delighted with the response to our appeal so far and are closing in on our target thanks to the generosity of so many. Now for one big push to finish the job in time for our new lifeboat to arrive, and then it really will be time to celebrate!”

The photographs are as follows:

  • The Lizard Tamar class all-weather lifeboat emerges from the paint facility at Babcock Marine in Plymouth resplendent in her RNLI colours.

  • The overall scene at Kilcobben Cove showing the new slabs to each side of the main foundation and the new slipway reaching out into the sea.

Your chance to help our search-and-rescue friends help us!

Eight of the crew from our search-and-rescue friends of 771 Squadron at RNAS Culdrose will be pounding the streets of beautiful Bath next month in aid of our Lizard Tamar Lifeboat Appeal - and you can help, without getting any blisters!

They will be running in the famous Bath half-marathon, which regularly raises thousands of pounds for charities. This year, the team from 771 will be running especially for our Appeal. The foot-slogging octet are Ben Carthey, Martin Shepherd, Justin Morgan, Dean Elwell-Deighton, Simon Thompson, Chris Whittington and George Gillingham. Not pictured, but also in the team, is Dave Anderson.

To help them – and The Lizard Lifeboat – all you have to do is to follow this link: www.virginmoneygiving.com/771-SP.

Any money you donate through that website will be passed directly to the Lizard Appeal. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity's behalf where the donor is eligible for this.

Please help them to help us – and help to save lives!

Thank you.

See Our Show – Schoolchildren help the RNLI

Children and staff from Landewednack School and the adjoining Little Lizards Children’s Centre celebrated the RNLI's annual SOS fund raising day on Friday 28th January with members of The Lizard Lifeboat Station in a special assembly to mark the occasion. Coxswain Andrew Putt was accompanied by Station Mechanic Dan Atkinson, Second Mechanic Johnny Bray, Head Launcher Jeff Ashby and Education and Visits Officer Peter Greenslade.


Teacher Adrian Bolton showed the children a film of how the building will look when it is completed later in the year. The Station will house the new Tamar Class Lifeboat which will replace the current Tyne Class David Robinson.

The children were then given the opportunity to talk to their visitors and ask them questions.

Earlier in the week the children took part in a drawing competition with the theme of "Lifeboat Rescues". All the wonderful entries were judged by Andrew Putt and his wife Bernice and Peter Greenslade. Prizes were awarded at the end of the SOS afternoon when parents were also able to go in and view the children's artwork. The children had a really enjoyable day and produced some fabulous drawings.

Thanks go to the members of The Lizard Lifeboat Station and to the
Lifeboat Guild who donated the prizes and provided refreshments during the afternoon.

Photographs: Children with school staff and lifeboat personnel, and the children's artwork.

An exciting week for our Lifeboat Station

The Lizard Lifeboat has just enjoyed an exciting week of VIP comings and goings, with search-and-rescue colleagues from RNAS Culdrose and RNLI Chief Executive Paul Boissier visiting and a dramatic landmark disappearing.

The search-and-rescue 771 squadron’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Chris Canning, SAR flight commander Lt Cdr Chuck Norris, Senior Pilot Lt Cdr Martin Shepherd and Air Engineering Officer Lt Cdr Steve Skittrell all visited on Thursday 9 December. They were introduced to our new Coxswain Andrew Putt and then shown around the building works by Ned Nuzum, our Operations Manager. Ned took the opportunity to thank the SAR team for their continued support during the fundraising appeal for the new Tamar all weather Lifeboat.


The Commanding Officer and senior staff from 771 Squadron at RNAS Culdrose with The Lizard Lifeboat personnel. from left to right, they are: Ned Nuzum (Lifeboat Operations Manager), Lieutenant Commander Chris Canning (C.O), Lt Cdr Chuck Norris (SAR flight commander), Lt Cdr Martin Shepherd (Senior Pilot), Lt Cdr Steve Skittrell (Air Engineering Officer), Andrew Putt (The Lizard Lifeboat Coxswain) and John Harris (Deputy Launching Authority). Picture by Geoff Squibb

Mr Paul Boissier, the RNLI Chief Executive, was carrying out a tour of RNLI Lifeboat and Lifeguard stations in Cornwall and dropped in the next morning to meet Lifeboat personnel and building contractors. He also met RNLI fundraising volunteers from The Lizard and its neighbouring branches. He paid tribute to all those who give of their time to keep the station running and bring in the funds for the appeal for the new Tamar class all-weather lifeboat:

The RNLI team on the new slipway at The Lizard. From left to right - Adrian Carey (RNLI Divisional Inspector), Jonathan Kirkland (Royal Haskoning, Consulting Engineers and the Project Managers for the RNLI), Ned Nuzum (RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager at The Lizard), Andrew Poynton-Bell (BAM Nuttall), Paul Boissier (RNLI Chief Executive) and Peter Butcher (RNLI Works Supervisor).

Mr Boissier said 'The RNLI is all about the time and commitment our volunteers put in and you all - crew, shore helpers and fundraisers - deserve my thanks, as do your families who support you in all you do for our charity. What I want to say to you is thank you and well done. I especially thank all those of you who fundraise. We're in the grips of the longest depression many can remember with a lot of people out of work, and yet people continue to be very generous to us. This is because you work so hard to bring in the funds and you do it very well.'

Mr Bossier was given a guided tour of the building works by building contractors, BAM Nuttall representative Andrew Poynton-Bell and Jonathon Kirkland from Consulting Engineers Royal Haskoning and the RNLI Project Management team. He said: 'It's vital that we invest in the provision of a lifeboat service around a notoriously challenging area of coastline like that of The Lizard. 400 ships a day go up and down the channel past here and we must be prepared for any eventuality where a lifeboat may be needed. The Tamar class all-weather lifeboat that will be stationed here will be perfect for the job and I am delighted to see the build project going so well.'

Friday was also a milestone for the build site, when the jack-up barge was towed away from the site as the new slipway has now been completed. The jack-up barge started work on the site in early May when it was used to demolish the previous boathouse and help construct the new slipway. The new boathouse is due for completion in autumn 2011.

The jack up barge leaves the build site at Kilcobben Cove for the final time with the slipway now complete.

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